• Image of IL CINGHIALE & калуђер "Drevne Ruševine i Magične Rituale" | 2xMini CD [Ltd. 25]

Dungeon Synth
Double Mini CD (3 inch disc)

These Il Cinghiale's tracks represent another incursion into the forgotten world depicted by Il Cinghiale. A world carved in timeless stones and bittersweet defeats. Few words should be spent, just let the sound of those lost days flows through your memories...
калуђер's songs wants to be a fusion between Renaissance's sounds (samples of lute, salterio, shawn, psaltery, percussions and many others) and the types of compositions of that era (like madrigals, motets and biciniums), plus digital vintage synthesizers (from the 80's-90's). Since of his passion for Tolkien and medieval legends, калуђер's songs speaks of fantastic worlds through a dreary, nostalgic and ancient music.

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