• Image of SECRETPATH "Dominatio Tempestatis" | Mini CD [Ltd. 25]

- Secretpath EP "Dominatio Tempestatis", limited to 25 copies
- Secretpath album "Wandered And The Choice" (Art Gates Records, 2013)

Part of the money goes directly to the band.

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After their full-lenght "Wandered And The Choice" and some singles, mostly collected in the compilation "I Hear The Voices!", italian trio band Secretpath come back on stage with this new EP called "Dominatio Tempestatis".

In this new EP Secretpath refeshes their typical highly-influenced Melodic Black/Death Metal sound. After several experimental styles the band turned to a more linear and impact-based solution without compromising the poliedric personality. Paolo "The Voices" Ferrante vocals ranges from extreme voices to operistic and oriental ones; Pierluigi "Aries" Ammirata guitar work has a strong influence by Progressive/Neoclassical music and so does Francesco Borrelli's drums, mainly influenced by a lot of Jazz shades.

The concept of the album tells of a seaman fighting against the ocean: the waters and winds brings the Wanderer (the protagonist of every Secretpath's releases) adrift. Sometimes this becomes a desperate journey, other times of hope; even the title itself "Dominatio Tempestatis" underlines how are the nature elements (storms and thunders) to domain over everthing, while the man can just try to find a way to survive.