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ASURA "Only Death For My Warriors"
Born from the ashes of the Heavy Metal band Ancelot in 2006, Asura is a sardinian Metal band. "Only Death For My Warriors" is the first and only release of the band, made of just three but various and colored songs. Just a 3-track EP but full of not-so-usual ideas and great melodies. Nice stuff for the ones who hate the stereotypes in Metal music!

DARKOUSTIX "Forsaken Tales" [DVD]
Darkoustix is one of the weirdest project that I know, both musically and visually. Spooky and funny videos personify gloomy songs with beautiful and sincere melodies, a synth-like sound and vibrant vocals. A particular type of Gothic Metal, worth listening to.

DAMNATION GALLERY "Transcendence Hymn"
For fans of: Death SS, Mercyful Fate, Cadaveria, Hell, Necrodeath, Opera IX

NEVERMAN "Death Cheat Codes"
Find your own death cheat code following the Neverman vibrations through time, space and the fake universe! Magic, ancestral and obscure: blue melodies vibrating between the astral and the energetic channels: enter the darkness.

FRATER F "Coccyx"
Coccyx is a sonic landscape creaed to work as a tool to use during meditation, focused on Kundalini and the Muladhara Chakra. An awakening energy vibrates touching and opening the portal of the inner essence, reconstructing and releasing the draconian power.