• Image of MACHINA COELI "Gnosis" | Double Mini CD [Ltd. 25]

Ancient Dungeon Synth
2 x Mini-CD (3 inch disc)

"With elements of vintage Mike Oldfield, Coil, and what has recently become known as Dungeon Synth, Machina Coeli should be checked out by anyone interested in the genre!" - MORTIIS

"Mickey E. Vil has done it again with a totally original release, this time just him and an old Korg X3, layers of sounds that really take you back in time to the era of Machina Coeli!" - Mike Browning (Nocturnus AD)

Based on Gnosticism and the finding of the Apocrypha Gospels also known as "Nag Hammâdi Codex", Machina Coeli's full-lenght brings you to the gnostic mystic concepts through a solemn music, very atmospheric and evocative. "Gnosis" awaits you.

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