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Amataster is an Atmospheric Black Metal project from the south of Italy (Basilicata), born in 2018 by the heart of John Poltergeist (also in the Depressive Black Metal act Eyelids). Through his music, Amataster gives voice to thoughts and with anger tells of old wounds. Every song that composes “Frammenti” has been written thinking of a very significative period or life episode, trying to evoke the sensations and emotions of those times. This album has a lot of anger and pain inside, its music is a real emotive outburst: through the despaired screams and the power of the instrumental part, the anger and negativity gets channeled and part away. “Frammenti” results to be a very promising debut EP, touching deep emotions like despair, pain, cry, anger and rebirth. The pure feelings evoked by this little pearl will surely touch your wounded soul.

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